Shipping automation, the long journey towards the future

The shipping sector has generally been slower that other fields in adopting digital technologies, due to its conservative nature and the diverse and multiple operators involved.


Australia, Fincantieri and Cetena sign the alliance with Flinders

The project, expected to last one year, will be coordinated by prof. Karl Sammut and will make use of a loan of 310,000 Australian dollars (about 200,000 euros) offered by Fincantieri Australia as part of the Maritime Innovation Challenge programme.


China: a battery to store renewable energy

Beijing - Chinese scientists have developed a lead carbon battery for storing power generated from solar panels and windmills and claimed that with such devices, the electricity supply is stable for use. An energy storage system with the batteries was piloted in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in northeast China


Giant cages for deep sea fish farming in China

Beijing - Shandong Wanzefeng Fishery said a fully submersible ocean fish farming net cage called “Deep Blue I”, the world’s biggest, was delivered to the shipyard of state-owned Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry on Friday


EU budget proposal could support shipowners’ transition to decarbonisation

Brussels - The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted in mid-April an initial strategy to reduce the total annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels.

Russia to electrify Iran Northern Railroad project
Two U.S. coal miners see growth amid sector’s gloom
Shell, Inpex near finish line in race to export north Australian LNG
U.S. could reach goal of 355 ship Navy in 2030s

U.S. could reach goal of 355 ship Navy in 2030s

Washington - The U.S. Navy could build its strength to 355 ships over a decade earlier than previously thought due to an increased shipbuilding budget and tempo as well as extending the service for some ships in the current fleet, a Pentagon official told a Congressional panel on Thursday

Iran offers Russia €3 billion of rail electrification projects