Saimare focuses on IT and staff training / INTERVIEW

President Mino Giachino proposes Genoa’s nomination as the venue for a Euro-Africa Institute.


Pitto: “Our new challenge is digitalization” / INTERVIEW

Genoa - Pitto: “Freight forwarders will require more and more mastery of technology”.


“Shipping stands ready to face challenges posed by cybercrime” / INTERVIEW

Starting 2021, Flag States will have to apply IMO guidelines.


Safety in our ports / ANALYSIS

THE VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) is a maritime traffic service created after the Second World War to make shipping in and out of Northern European ports (such as those in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the Baltic Sea) safer and more efficient.


U.S. House panel advances bill aimed at limiting NSA spying program

Washington - The House Judiciary Committee voted 27-8 to approve the bill, which would partially restrict the U.S. government’s abilityto review American data collected under the foreign intelligence program by requiring a warrant in some cases.

EU at impasse before final push to clinch carbon market reform
Best fleet efficiency with MILES programme / INTERVIEW
The opportunities arising from the digitization of transport
“International competition to save Genoa Power Station”

“International competition to save Genoa Power Station”

Genova - The Futur-E project is an initiative that began two years ago,and involves the 23 ENEL plants across Italy that are no longer operational. The goal is to re-appropriate these facilities: there is no particular restriction on the final use, but rather criteria to be followed

In first, scientists detect gravitational waves and light from star collision