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“No capital increase for Carige” / INTERVIEW

“No capital increase for Carige” / INTERVIEW

Genoa - Three consecutive stock market flops, 23% of the capital evaporated from Thursday to Monday. In the end someone came in to buy the stock: yesterday Carige stock saw a 7.6% recovery. Russian mountains, they call them at the Stock Exchange in Milan. Speculative manoeuvres that no one is able to stop

Italian Marines, “Very solid arguments” / Q&A
Verhoeven: “The MLC is now European Law”
Business in Dubai? Let the business Lady take care of it
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Even Le Pen blesses Tsipras: “Victory of the people”
“Greece leave the Euro? That’s just propaganda”
“The reasons why firms choose the Principality”

“The reasons why firms choose the Principality”

Montecarlo- Jean Castellini’s surname is Italian,of Ligurian origins, from La Spezia to be precise. He’s the Principality of Monaco’s minister of Finance and Economy. “This is where many Italian entrepreneurs come to invest,”he explains to the MediTelegraph, “as they feel secure here”

French politics trump business over Alstom
Estonia wants, expects more NATO troops on its territory
Montani: this is how Carige will support shipping companies
“The forces that once forged Turkey now tear one another apart”
Boom year for the Sharing Economy

Boom year for the Sharing Economy

Milan - Will this year go down as the year when private ownership ceased to exist? Probably not - it might not go quite that far - but many observers think 2014 will be a boom year for the sharing economy, or the economy of collaborative consumption, as it’s known in English.