Korean shipyards invest In automation
Singapore, Union gives $3m to help cut shipping firms’ costs
Ferrobonus approved by the E.U.
Genoa risks paralysis with snail’s-pace inspections
“Carige Bank, Berneschi found guilty”

“Carige Bank, Berneschi found guilty”

Genoa - It was one of the few gripping moments in a trial that had promised to be electrifying, but in the end has proven to be simply what it was supposed to be: an exhausting series of accounting data, diagrams cross referenced with corporate real estate deals to make one’s head spin

250 maritime workers protest in Rome

250 maritime workers protest in Rome

Rome - They, like so many others - and they are many - feel cut out of the game, far from the government’s palaces, in a state of malaise which for Italian sailors means feeling abandoned by the traditional unions and shipowners

UK P&I Club advises how to minimise the risk of stowaways on board ship
Court OKs plan to revive ailing shipyard STX Offshore