Shady triangle: Southeast Asia’s illegal fuel market / FOCUS

Singapore - Working routes in a triangle of sea anchored by Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore and encompassing the oil facilities of Malaysia, the smugglers take advantage of a difficult-to-patrol sea and enticing black market prices.


Panama says sunken Iranian tanker had papers in order

Panama City - An international team of experts from China, Iran, Hong Kong and the crew’s home countries would be analyzing the voyage data recorder, a device that monitors the vessel’s progress, to determine the cause of the collision.


China says sunken Iranian tanker may now be leaking heavy oil

Beijing - It was unclear how much bunker fuel was left aboard the tanker when it sank on Sunday after being ablaze for days but experts estimated it may have been carrying about 1,000 tonnes at the time of collision.


Rolls-Royce shares jump as commercial marine unit goes on the block

London - Britain’s Rolls-Royce said it was considering the sale of its commercial marine business, which has been hit by weak demand in offshore oil and gas markets.


Ostia Creates First University Course In “Marine Engineering”

Rome - The centre will train engineers of the future in the design and development of offshore platforms, wind farms and underwater turbines.

Switzerland, Uft Invests In Innovation
Lng Supply For Ships In Marghera
Gioia Tauro, Filt Cgil: “Great Concern”

Gioia Tauro, Filt Cgil: “Great Concern”

Gioia Tauro - The italian union assessed the situation in the Calabrian port, explaining that “the non-adherence to commitments undertaken by certain signatories of the framework agreement, signed at Palazzo Chigi, produces feelings of great astonishment”.

Palermo, Cruise Terminal Design Competition
Statoil may build onshore terminal for Castberg oil