Photo with a machine gun taken in the Costa Atlantica control room

Genoa - A year ago, the Captain of Costa Atlantica was photographed together with a girl, an automatic weapon and a marine. In his control room.

Genoa - In January 2013, in the very days of the first anniversary of the Costa Concordia accident, the captain of Costa Atlantica, cruising in the Gulf of Aden, brought a friend, a girl from Romania, into the control room and was photographed together with her holding an automatic weapon belonging to the anti-piracy on-board military presence. The owner of the weapon was also in the picture. Behavior, that of the captain, which fortunately had no consequences for the safety of the passengers, but - as revealed by the Italian weekly magazine Oggi - “the reckless act has arrived , however, to the attention of the Genoa Court.” Sasha Alexandra, the master’s friend, in fact, tried to blackmail the shipping company with that photo taken on the bridge.

Quoting the magazine, Costa Cruises also took disciplinary action, removing the captain who violated regulations from his position. In a statement, the shipping company said that it was “the victim of an extortion attempt by one or more unknown persons”. In this case, the commander brought a guest up to the bridge when access was not permitted, and on another occasion he admitted taking part in a photo with an officer of the Italian Navy, shouldering the weapon. Although the event did not occur during maneuvers or with high traffic or poor visibility, it is not believed to be in line with company procedures and the commander was subsequently subject to internal disciplinary measures » says Costa Cruises. The Italian Navy is going to take action regarding the marines concerned.

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