WiderMos project at Munich Transport Logistics Fair

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Munich – The WiderMos project is holding an event at Munich’s Transport Logistics exhibition, the largest transport and logistics trade fair in Europe. The presentation is titled “New business opportunities in Logistics: the WiderMos approach to streamlining maritime transport integration in the door to door logistics chain” (reserve your place by registering on ).

The event, organized by La Spezia Port Authority, coordinator of the WiderMos project, will be held at the Munich trade fair, in conference room B32, on 7th May, from 14:00 to 17:00. WiderMos European partners will be on hand to talk of their experience of working to identify solutions to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, with the aim of speeding up and simplifying procedures related to the transfer of goods and intermodal transport. The Munich fair provides the opportunity to exchange views with industry operators, stakeholders and participants interested in Motorways of the Sea, logistics corridors, intermodal transport, optimization of logistic and customs processes and maritime port/dry port integration.

The event will be opened by Lorenzo Forcieri, President of La Spezia Port Authority, followed by an introduction by Federica Montaresi, WiderMos project manager, the discussion will be moderated by Alberto Quarati of The MediTelegraph. Many stakeholders and partners of WiderMos will be participating. Present at the event will be representatives from the countries involved in the project (Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal), Agenzia Italiana delle Dogane (Italian Customs), the Port of Barcelona, the Port of Leixoes (Portugal), Trieste Port Authority will be represented by Special Commissioner Zeno D’Agostino, Contship Italia by its vice- President, Sebastiano Grasso, MSC, the Port Authority of Tarragona, Bavaria Transport and Logistics enterprises and shippers associations, the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce will be represented by its director, Alessandro Marino, the consultancy firm KombiConsult who are responsible for coordinating the working group during the drafting of the work plan for the SCAN-MED Corridor, of which La Spezia is Core Port, two large portuguese logistics companies, and the Port of Rostock’s intermodal transport operator. The event will have two parts: in the first one disussion will focus on the connection between the sea, the port and inland; the second part will consist of a round table where participants will be able to ask specific questions of the stakeholders on the problems they each need to face in the course of their work as operators in the logistics chain business. The event will set out and examine the views and needs of stakeholders and logistics and maritime operators, with the aim to identify and examine concrete solutions to improve the efficiency of the operational compatibility of the technologies utilized by the main players in the supply chain. The consortium behind the WiderMos project has certainly an ambitious agenda; since the beginning the wish was to give it a clear operational slant by involving transport and business logistics operators to better calibrate the pilot projects, which focus on improving efficiency in the flow of goods by relying especially on optimized intermodal transport and process integration.

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What is WiderMos

The WiderMos project (Wide Interoperability and new governance models for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based corridors) was approved on 11th July 2013. In purely practical terms, it involves pilot projects to help improve the links between the maritime sphere, the port and the dry port by promoting intermodal transport and simplifying control procedures for freight, in order to increase logistic efficiency. In the call for submissions (TEN-T MOS 2012), out of 22 projects for Motorways of the Sea, WiderMos was the sole EU approved project led by Italy (Port of La Spezia). Four member-states are participating in the project: Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal, 16 partners, 5 ports (La Spezia, Rostock, Kiel, Barcelona and Porto ) and over 100 people involved between partners, supporters and stakeholders, among them, for Italy, are IKEA, MSC and RFI. The italian team has some key players such as Agenzia delle Dogane, Regione Liguria, Universita di Genova (DIEC), La Spezia Container Terminal, Sogemar, Interporto di Padova, Circle. The main goal of the project is the integration of the martime and inland parts of the supply chain, through pilot projects to improve operational compatibility of procedures and processes, an issue which largely determines the competitivity of ports, including the Motorways of the Sea, the maritime dimension of the TEN-T networks, within the Core Network Corridors.

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