Megayachts: Amico shipyard presents the new shiplift
Amico’s “largest ship lift”
MSC Jewel sets record as cleanest container ship to travel U.S.
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Turkey boasts vessel exports

Turkey boasts vessel exports

Istanbul - Data compiled from the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry reveal that Turkey has taken significant, eye-catching steps in maritime transport, a strategic sector for global trade. One of the important initiatives was the revival of maritime transport with the removal of excise duty

“System secure?” ABS asks superyacht owners at the monaco boat show
New impetus boosts global trade

New impetus boosts global trade

Genoa - It took a moment for office workers at the port of Bremen to take it in when the ship first docked, back in the summer of 2015. Accustomed to containers and cranes, many had never witnessed barrels being unloaded from a 32-meter schooner

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