SAAR celebrates its 85 years of history

Genova - Last monday in Genoa (Palazzo San Giorgio),SAAR Depositi Portuali celebrated 85 years of history. The anniversary was celebrated with the presentation of a book that runs through the company’s history, from the 1930s to the present


Egypt exports seen up 10 percent for year, China fastest growing investor

Cairo - Egypt exports to hit $22 billion for 2017. Imports down 23 percent, exports up 11.5 percent so far this year. China expected to be fastest growing investor.


Hackers compromised CCleaner free software

San Francisco - Hackers broke into British company Piriform’s free software for optimizing computer performance last month and installed tools that could have allowed them to take control of tens of millions of devices.


Linesmen, EU-wide agreement on safety

Genova - A minimum common safety standard to be applied at all European ports.A normative tool to safeguard the job’s integrity, and one that, while acknowledging the business-side of the equation for a port’s success, doesn’t ignore best safety practices


Ryanair loses EU court battle to keep Irish law for crew abroad

Brussels - Belgian-based crew brought labour dispute before Belgian court. ECJ was asked whether Irish or Belgian courts could decide. ECJ said crew can bring cases before local courts.

Korea’s shipments of semiconductor manufacturing equipment came in first
Afghanistan seeks speedy development of Iranian port
Hurricane Irma hammers south Florida with high wind, rising water
Piraeus Port announces purchase of new floating repair dock
Hyperloop train forges ahead