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Trump says Boeing should fix, ‘rebrand’ grounded 737 MAX jet
China to increase trade with Eastern Europe
“6 months to 2020. The ships of the future, green and autonomous?”: a Forum in Genoa
Handling overcapacity in Asia “a serious issue”
Visa free travel after Brexit

Visa free travel after Brexit

Brussels - The Council and the European Parliament have agreed that, following Brexit, UK citizens coming to the Schengen area for a short stay should be granted visa free travel

Global e-commerce traffic surges

Global e-commerce traffic surges

Genova - Global e-commerce sales grew 13% in 2017, hitting an estimated $29 trillion, according to the latest numbers released today by UNCTAD the United Nations’s Conference on Trade and Development

France seals multi-billion dollar deals with China
Germany to inject more money into Deutsche Bahn rail network