FlyValan, air links to Genoese companies

Genoa - The new company dedicates its Genoa flights to Fincantieri, Msc and politics. On November 2nd the first flights to Switzerland, Barcelona, Brussels and Trieste.

Genoa - There will be the “Fincantieri flight”, the one for Msc (and Costa) and finally the one dedicated to politics. And in terms of charters, the company also ‘flirts’ with religious tourism, in particular with the route to Lourdes: it looks like a double bet with the start of the operation scheduled for November 2nd. Obviously FlyValan is trying to rise above even superstition since that date is the Day of the Dead. “While the others have been napping, we’ve worked out a plan in 18 months,” said David Jarach, a fast talker, fluent in both Italian and English, the president of “diciottofebbraio”, “the primary consulting company in the field of aviation and defence.” He is the man launching FlyValan, a marketing carrier that has chosen Genoa Airport as the base for its expansion. The operation is complex: “FlyValan is not an airline” is its trade mark. The actual travel operation relies on FlyCompass, a Romanian carrier of which FlyValan is a majority holder. It mostly flies around Eastern Europe: the flight license comes from Bucharest, while Valan - the leading company - is Moldovan and works primarily with helicopters “for primary government organizations: the United Nations and the World Food Program.” “We chose Genoa because it is a good opportunity,” explains Jarach, “there is a demand we want to meet.” FlyValan wants to focus mainly on businesses - in the coming days the commercial tour will be discussed in the Chamber of Commerce – without neglecting the tourists: the website for the tickets sale, however, is not yet operational (it was supposed to be online by Friday , as announced by Secolo XIX, but, the company assured everyone that it will be ready at the end of this week) and the aircraft has yet to receive the approval on the announced flight map, but Enac permissions will not be a problem and operation is guaranteed for the announced date.

The 68-seat Atr 72 will be fully booked: the several new routes have been designed with a precise target. The Brussels route is dedicated to politics, Geneva should become a liaison with Msc headquarters, Zurich will serve as one of Europe’s most important hubs, while Trieste is the ‘Fincantieri flight’: “We discussed flight timeframes with the chief executive officer (Giuseppe Bono, ndr) to make sure we offer the ideal service to the company ». There will also be a flight to Barcelona, dedicated to tourism and therefore seasonal. And then the charter flights: cruises, but also football with flights for the Genoa and Sampdoria trips. At least that’s the hope: the second Atr is scheduled for February but it’s also supposed to service Genoa - charters or other routes, perhaps Corsica for the summer - but FlyValan’s industrial plan includes a fleet of five planes: “They will not all be based in Genoa,” explains Jarach . The expansion project is one that spreads over the whole of Italy as confirmed by Eugene Zagrebelny, head of the Valan marketing department. For the governor Giovanni Toti every new company must aspire to overcome the infrastructural problems of Liguria. And there will be 10 new jobs involving pilots and flight attendants (“Selections are in progress”). FlyValan is sure of its success due to its competitive rates - the basic fare to Barcelona with virtually no baggage will only cost 79 euros - and its careful targeting strategy, that of focusing on the businesses. But no one can tell how much more traffic this operation will bring to Genoa: “We are in God’s hands,” says Jarach, who then proactively corrects his statement: “…and in the hands of the companies that will come aboard.” The estimate has been made, he declares, but in the spirit of keeping industrial secrets, and fearful of jinxing it – he will not give a number. What we do know is it all starts November 2nd.

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