“The future is Mediterranean” / INTERVIEW

Remondini, CEO of Marcevaggi Logistic Group: “Stop localism, Italy has great potential”

What is your company’s business vocation?

“To develop safe and innovative solutions in the maritime container logistical sector and bulk products,” said Alberto Remondini, Marcevaggi Logistic Group’s CEO. “We invest in the Euro-Med market, both in ground transport, road and intermodal, and in the maritime sector, mainly focusing on shipments of chemical products in the Mediterranean.”

What are your reference markets?

“Mainly the transport and storage of maritime containers and bulk products like oil and chemicals.”

What is the most important advantage that Italy offers today in terms of logistics?

“All one has to do is look at a map or a globe to see that anyone who crosses this part of the hemisphere will bump into Italy, which is in the middle of the Mediterranean.”

What do you think of the socio-political crises that are afflicting some important Mediterranean areas?

“They are the consequence of the short-term foreign policies adopted in the past and a strong cultural selfishness that is growing in various parts of the world. As in every crisis situation, opportunities for people and businesses are lurking in the wings, and each of us is called to see and act on them.”

From your point of view, has the recent reform of the port system increased the country’s competitiveness?

“It gave rise to a more systemic and less locally focused vision, but it is a starting point, which, if not extended and developed, will be blocked by regional self-interests that are already emerging once again”.

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