Maersk says port delays will stretch into new year

Skou said the biggest problem preventing containers from leaving ports is a lack of labour, particularly drivers of heavy goods vehicles in the United States and Britain despite salaries having been raised "significantly".

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“Nuclear power must have a place in the process of decarbonising shipping”

The engine of the world economy desperately seeking a solution to its emissions: consumption of about 340 million tonnes per year of HFO equivalent, more than a billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, estimates of up to 400 thousand deaths and 16 million people ill every year due to air pollution


What is happening to the dry bulk market?

The Capesize market continued its assertive rally in past weeks reaching new highs in dramatic fashion. The Capesize 5TC recently touched the $53,240 level and never looked like taking a backward step as it earned in one week a staggering $8,069 up settling at $61,309

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Flow of goods through Panama Canal hits record

Ricaurte Vasquez, the Panama Canal Authority's administrator, told reporters during a webcast news conference that 516.7 million tonnes of goods passed through the century-old waterway during the 2021 fiscal year, which ended in September.

By creditors

China's HNA restructuring plan approved

Shanghai - Creditors of China's HNA Group have voted to approve the company's restructuring plan, according to a court comment posted on HNA's official WeChat page on Saturday. The court said the vote had been conducted in accordance with the country's bankruptcy laws

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Snam CEO hopes COP26 will provide definition for blue hydrogen

London - The COP26 climate conference in Glasgow ought to agree a definition for blue hydrogen to help producers trade it, the CEO of gas infrastructure group Snam said on Saturday: "At COP26 we need to define what blue hydrogen means"