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The Ukrainian Wheat War

Kiev - Cold war, low-intensity war, soft invasion, the return of the Iron Curtain.Whatever the definition of the crisis that has been developing for weeks in Ukraine, what is certain is that commodities and raw materials are playing a decisive role in it

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Putin tells Obama Russia has right to protect interests in Ukraine

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin told U.S. President Barack Obamaby telephone that Moscow reserves the right to protect its interests and those of Russian speakers in Ukraine, the Kremlin said. In a statement posted online, the Kremlin said Obama had expressed his concern

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Kiev Concerned About Crimean Secession

Kiev - Everyone expected for Yulia Tymoshenko to enter the scene,but now two other characters are throwing their weight around new Ukraine. The first is the Chinese ambassador in Kiev, Zhang Xiyun, and the second is the Governor of Crimea, Anatolii Mohyliov

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Ukraine: US warns Russia against force

Kiev - Ukraine’s new interim president pledged to put the country back on course for European integration now Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovich had been ousted, while the United States warned Russia against sending in its forces

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Ukraine parliament removes Yanukovich

Kiev - Ukraine’s parliament voted on Saturday to remove President Viktor Yanukovich, who abandoned his Kiev office to protesters and denounced what he described as a coup after a week of fighting in the streets of the capital

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Russia to provide $4 billion to Ukrainian yards

Kiev - Russia and Ukraine are considering implementing a number of major joint investment projects in shipbuilding during the next few years, as part of recently signed agreements between the two countries’ governments, writes Eugene Gerden for The Motor Ship

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“MSC Flaminia” to be repaired in Constanta

Constanta - German container ship “MSC Flaminia”,which was partially destroyed by a fire in 2012 and then decontaminated in Denmark will be repaired in Romania at the Daewoo Mangalia shipyard with a USD 22 million contract


EU prepares to hit Ukraine with sanctions

Brussels - The European Union was preparing on Thursday to impose sanctions on those responsible for deadly violence in Ukraine as well as to impose an arms embargo on the country, according to a draft ministerial statement