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Al Sisi’s Egypt woos back foreign tourists and investors

Cairo - Attracted by the currency devaluation, foreign investors are contributing to Egypt’s recovery where the government run by Abdel Fatah al Sisi can also claim a decline in the unemployment rate, from 13.6% in 2013 to the current 11.6%


Maersk Line expands online platform service scope

Beijing - Maersk Line takes further steps towards simplifying the supply chains of its customers by expanding the service scope on its online platform. The new scope on the platform will cover exports from Eastern and North China to all Mediterranean destinations, and to West Africa, South Africa and East Coast South America


Morocco: an emblem of African development

Rabat - A country that has been able to radically transform its economy in recent years, Morocco represents a kind of happy island within the African continent, particularly in North Africa. Italian companies are among those showing the greatest interest in recent times


Ship loaded with drugs diverted from Genoa to Marseilles

Genoa - Ships loaded with cocaine scheduled to unload at the port of Genoa, (avoiding it at the last minute, in this case), place the city once again at the crossroads of global cocaine trafficking. The cocaine was found by the French gendarmerie in a false bottom in the keel

shipyard and offshore

Chinese firms to build large ferry for Algeria

Algiers - Algeria and China signed a contract worth 175 million U.S. dollarsfor the construction of a large ferry, an official at a Chinese company told Xinhua reporter on Monday. Director of Algiers office of China Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC), Luo Zengqiang, said the “agreement is important for Algeria”


World’s largest STS cranes arrive in Tangier

Tangiers - APM Terminals MedPort Tangier announces the arrival of three of the newest and largest ship-to-shore (STS) cranes in the world, designed to handle vessels carrying 22,000 or more containers, now plying the Asia/Europe trade lane


Aferpi: sale date postponed as Jindal stalls

Piombino - Jindal drags its feet, and the sale of Algerian owned Inferpi steel, based in Piombino, remains on hold. Following the announcement of what seemed like a done deal for the sale of the steel mill on part of Algeria-based Cevital to India’s Jindal

finance and politics

RINA gets majority-stake in Tunisia’s Comete

Genova - RINA, a certification group based in Genoa that operates in the industrial, energy, maritime, transport and infrastructure sectors, has signed - through its subsidiary Rina Consulting - a strategic partnership with Comete Engineering, leading segment of the Comete Group

intermodal and logistics

Suez Authority extends toll cuts for dry bulkers

Port Said - The Suez Canal Authority has extended the discount offered to dry bulk vessels back in April 2017 until the end of 2018. Specifically, a 75% rebate of the canal transit tolls is being offered to laden or ballast dry bulk vessels coming or heading to ports at South West, South and East of Australia