Government study shows

China's sea levels touched new high in 2021

China's sea levels reached their highest on record last year, swelled by rising water temperatures and the melting of glaciers and polar icecaps, the government said in a report. Coastal sea levels were 84 millimeters (3.3 inches) higher in 2021 than the average over the period from 1993 to 2011

Global Forest Watch

Vast forest losses in 2021 imperil global climate targets, report says

Sao Paulo - The world lost an area of forest the size of the U.S. state of Wyoming last year, as wildfires in Russia set all-time records and Brazilian deforestation of the Amazon remains high, a global forest monitoring project report said on Thursday


Antarctic fuel-eating microbes may help in plastic clean-up

Buenos Aires - A team of Argentine scientists is using microorganisms native to Antarctica to clean up pollution from fuels and potentially plastics in the pristine expanses of the white continent. The tiny microbes munch through the waste

Says an advisory body

China should pledge absolute CO2 emissions cap

Shanghai - China needs to impose an absolute cap on carbon emissions during the 2021-2025 period to help meet its climate goals, an influential government advisory body said in a new report. China currently has no set cap on greenhouse gas emissions, now the highest in the world at more than 10 billion tonnes a year

IEA says

Radical change needed to reach net zero emissions

London - The window of opportunity for reaching net zero emissions by mid-century is narrowing unless the world radically changes the way energy is produced, used and transported, the International Energy Agency (Iea) said on Tuesday

In latest environment probe

China detains 95, punishes 2,500 firms

Shanghai - China has punished more than 2,500 firms and detained 95 people after an inspection across eight provinces turned up instances of illegal quarrying and wetland encroachments among others, the environment ministry said. The inspection teams fanned out from Beijing last month to assess compliance with environmental laws and regulations in the provinces and regions of Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi and Yunnan.

After Musk u-turn on the value

How big is Bitcoin's carbon footprint? / FOCUS

London - Tesla boss Elon Musk's sudden u-turn over accepting bitcoin to buy his electric vehicles has thrust the cryptocurrency's energy usage into the headlights. Some Tesla investors, along with environmentalists, have been increasingly critical about the way bitcoin is "mined" using vast amounts of electricity generated with fossil fuels

Rush for renewable energy hurting rural and indigenous communities disproportionately

Indigenous people "under threat" from Asia clean energy push

Ban Khu - Muhammad Lamoh had no inkling that his small village of Ban Khu in southern Thailand would be key to the nation's renewable energy goals, until local authorities called a community meeting to inform them of a plan to build a biomass plant. The 25 megawatt plant began operating in March last year, despite villagers' concerns about its effects on their health

In Piraeus

Propeller Club cleans the Votsalakia Beach

Athens - In an original and socially responsible way, the Propeller Club celebrated the 85th anniversary of its founding, by symbolically cleaning the Votsalakia Beach in Piraeus, on Sunday, October 25th. More than 60 volunteers, led by President Mr. Costis Frangoulis and Members of the Board of Governors, participated in the cleanup, meticulously following the protection measures taken due to the pandemic

At the Bayonne Container Terminal

"YM Mandate" leaking oil in New York

New York - A crack has been found in the hull of the "YM Mandate", which has lead to a significant oil leak at the Bayonne Bridge Terminal in New Jersey. The US Coast Guard has intervened to stem an oil spill from the fuel tanks of Yang Ming Marine Transport’s 6,572TEU container vessel, "YM Mandate" in the port of New York and New Jersey

The promise

ArcelorMittal commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2050

Brussels - ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, committed on Wednesday to being carbon neutral by 2050, although it said a level playing field with green border adjustments and abundant, affordable clean energy would be required to get there. The company, which makes around 5% of the world's steel, said last year it aimed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030

The report

Global net zero emissions goal would require $1-2 trln a year investment / FOCUS

London - Achieving net zero emissions by mid-century would cost an estimated $1 trillion-$2 trillion a year of additional investments, or 1-1.5% of global gross domestic product, a report by the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) said on Wednesday. To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, global greenhouse gas emissions will need to reach net zero

The incident

Mitsui OSK to spend $9.4 mln on Mauritius clean-up after oil spill

"We will provide long-term contributions to the environment and the society of Mauritius with the support and cooperation of experts and organizations with specialized knowledge of environmental restoration and protection," the company said in a statement

Interpol report

Crime networks profit from China plastic trash import ban

Shanghai - Criminal networks are smuggling plastic trash from the West to illegal recycling plants in Asia, profiting from a 2018 ban on waste imports in China where the bulk of used plastic was previously processed, Interpol said on Friday. The decline in the number of legal export channels for millions of tonnes of waste has "opened the door to illegal business opportunities," the police organisation said in a report

The MV "Wakashio"

Japanese ship that caused Mauritius oil spill passed annual checks

Tokyo - The Japanese bulk carrier that ran aground off Mauritius and has leaked at least an estimated 1,000 tonnes of oil, passed the latest annual inspection in March with no problems, Japan's ClassNK inspection body said on Tuesday. The ship, MV "Wakashio", is owned by Nagashiki Shipping and operated by Mitsui OSK Lines, which said earlier on Tuesday it had set up a task force and was cooperating with the authorities in Japan and Mauritius

Unesco World Heritage Site

Ecuador says Galapagos fuel spill is "under control"

The generator and the loading crane were also submerged. The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) took «immediate action to reduce the environmental risk» in the so-called Enchanted Islands


MSC starts to use 30% biofuel blends

Geneva - MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) announces that the company is now starting to use biofuel in its vessels calling in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


EU gas industry warns curbs on lending may harm climate goals

Brussels - Europe’s gas industry lobby warned on Monday that curbs on lending by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and others could slow the switch from coal-fired to less polluting gas-fired power plants and harm the bloc’s climate ambitions.


“Italy is defaulting on nuclear waste” says EU Court

Bruxelles - Italy has not communicated to the European Commission the final version of the national program for the nuclear waste management. It was established by the Court of Justice of the European Union, based on 2011/70/2011 Euratom Directive


Cruise ship caught exceeding sulphur limit at Gieranger

Gieranger - The Norwegian Maritime Authority has fined Greek cruise ship operator Global Cruise Lines Ltd. a total of $80,000 for using 0.17% sulphur fuel in a 0.10% sulfur ECA zone. In March,new Norwegian environmental requirements for emissions in several protected fjords entered into force


Pollution in Taranto, Italy condemned

Strasbourg - “Persistent pollution caused by Ilva emissions has endangered the health of the entire population, which lives in the area at risk”: the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg upheld the appeal presented by 182 citizens of Taranto


China to crack down on diesel trucks, raise fuel standards

Shanghai - The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said in a policy document on Friday it would aim to “significantly increase” the number of diesel trucks capable of meeting emission standards by 2020, targeting a compliance rate of at least 90 percent by next year.


U.N. climate negotiators sweat over detail

Katowice - Half-way through crucial talks to breathe life into the Paris climate deal negotiators haggled over how to share out the cost of curbing global warming and struggled to pare down a sprawling text. The two weeks of talks, which began at the start of the week, are billed as the most important U.N. conference


Collision between ship and ferry, pollution is expanding

Genoa - The report comes from Greenpeace who processed satellite images showing that “the area affected by the contamination has gone from about 88 square kilometers on 8 October to 104 square kilometers yesterday, October 9th”.


300 kilos of TNT disappeared in the Adriatic

Grado - The search for 300 kilos of TNT which disappeared in the upper Adriaticoff the coast of Grado has been suspended. Despite the use of underwater personnel, sonar, and other specialized equipment, there is no sign of the explosives


Shipowners stand alone in cutting CO2

Athens - The new environmental regulations have been at the center of attention at this year’s edition of Posidonia trade show in Athens, Greece, which took place from 4-8 of June. The upcoming sulphur cap in 2020 and the initiative to halve shipping industry’s carbon footprint by 2050 have been in the spotlight


World’s largest fish factory ship arrested

Chimbote - Agents from the Peruvian Environmental Prosecutor’s Office have detained the “Damanzaihao” as part of an federal criminal investigation based on presumed acts of illegal fishing. Peruvian authorities have also accused the “Damanzaihao”of polluting the marine environment through the illegal discharge


Two U.S. coal miners see growth amid sector’s gloom

New York - U.S. electric utilities are expected to shut hundreds more of their coal-fired power generators in the coming years, extending a long trend away from coal and toward natural gas that has cast a pall over the mining industry.


Europe sails towards electrified shipping fleets

Oslo - Since early 2015, a mid-sized car ferry, the MS Ampere, has been traversing the Sognefjord in western Norway from early morning to evening, seven days a week - without a whiff of smokestack exhaust or a decibel of engine roar.


EU at impasse before final push to clinch carbon market reform

Brussels - The last round of talks between EU nations, the European Parliament and the EU executive to finalise reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) post-2020 broke down over the issue in October, and the negotiators remain divided.


Chinese reefer ship arrested in Galapagos

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - Chinese refrigerator ship “Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999” with 20 crew was arrested by Ecuador Navy on Aug 13 off San Cristobal Island, Galapagos, in Marine Reserve area. A cargo of frozen sharks, including endangered species, hammerhead sharks, was found in reefer’s holds


Kuwait to finish cleaning up oil spill this week

Kuwait - Kuwait will finish cleaning up a crude oil spill in the country’s southern waters in the Gulf this week, a Kuwaiti newspaper report said on Sunday, quoting the country’s oil minister.


Arctic Ocean thaw helps Russian shipping as old ice blows west

Oslo - Old, dangerous ice in Arctic blows towards Canada, US. Arctic thaw aids shipping most along Russian coast. Russia to start LNG exports from Yamal in late 2017


“Beware of microfragments poisoning the sea” / INTERVIEW

Genova - Every year,eight million tons of plastic end up in the sea: “It’s the equivalent of one million African elephants jumping in the water as one,” says Francesca Garaventa, a researcher at the Genoese headquarters of Ismar, the CNR’s Marine Science Institute


Globex faces up to $17m fine for spilling oil

Panama City - A Panama-based company faces a fine of up to $17 million for allegedlyspilling about 15 tonnes of oil near the Great Barrier Reef. It is alleged the oil came from the ship “Regina”, owned by company Globex Shipping


Goletta Verde raises alarm on the Ligurian Sea

Genova - Nine heavily polluted sea sections, one polluted. These are the data that emerged from the 23 samplings that Goletta Verde of the Legambiente group carried out on various sea areas in Liguria, at outlets of streams and rivers: “A slight improvement compared to last year, when we had found 16 polluted points.”


Radioactive Waste Found on Maersk’s FPSO

Dhaka - The High Court of Bangladesh has halted the breaking of the floating oil production and storage tanker, “North Sea Producer”, following discovery of radioactive substances aboard the vessel. The radioactive substances accumulated over the years of processing crude oil were found in inside pipes


Barcelona goes green / REPORTAGE

Barcelona - According to data obtained by the city’s public planning agency, Barcelona Regional, port activity is responsible for 7.6% of the average annual concentration of sulphur dioxide (SO2).


Is the swordfish in danger?

Genoa - ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna, raised the alarm: in the Mediterranean, the swordfish is overfished, and the swordfish catch must be limited. “We are very worried about the future of the Mediterranean swordfish,” says Giuseppe di Carlo


Shipowners Associations Pledge CO2 Reduction

London - About 90% of global trade is moved by cargo ships which are collectively responsible for about 2.2% of the world’s total Green House Gas (GHG) emissions (similar to that emitted by international aviation).


Weather Impedes clean up of Thai bunker spill

Koh Nok - Due to high winds and waves, Thailand’s Marine Department Sunday said it was unable to proceed with cleanup efforts for a bunker spill from the now sunken cruise liner Ocean Dream off Koh Nok in the Si Racha district, local media reports


ECSA wants Shipping back in COP21 deal

Brussels - European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) Thursday calledfor shipping emissions to be added back into climate change documents being drafted by the United Nations as part of the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) climate talks


Aviation emissions deal expected next year

Geneva - A deal on limiting carbon dioxide emissions from aviation will likely be reached next year, no matter the outcome of this week’s climate change talks in Paris, a senior official from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Thursday


China needs further action to stop water pollution

Beijing - China faces a “formidable task” to clean up its rivers and lakes and needs a fundamental change in attitudes to prioritise the environment over economic development at all cost, vice premier Wang Yang said.


After 9 years, rules for dredging will be ready

Genoa - The government’s aim is to come to Genoa Shipping Week, the most important annual event in the maritime sector, with an innovative package of dredging measures: a problem that may not be visible, but has huge effects on over 100 Italian ports.


Ilva, government locks down the blast furnace

Taranto - Yet another crucial day for Taranto’s Ilva.Today, Wilma Gilli, the preliminary hearing judge in the “Ambiente Svenduto” case in Taranto, is due to make a decision regarding the trial and conviction of those who have chosen a plea agreement


Rosatom dismisses “Lotta” nuclear ship

Murmansk - On June 5th,the 50th and last container with unprocessed spent nuclear fuel was removed from the vessel “Lotta” and placed in an onshore storage facility, Rosatomflot’s website reads. “There is no more spent radioactive fuel on board “Lotta”, says Oleg Khalimullin of Atomflot


Global Mesothelioma Rates are increasing

Monfalcone - Mesothelioma incidence is on the rise in several nations,data show, but a lack of data for some of the world’s most populous countries, among other factors, obscures the true risk of asbestos exposure worldwide


Oil Spill Threatens Black Sea Coastline

Novorossysk - A leak on Tikhoretsk-Tuapse-2 pipeline caused an oil spill in the Black Sea, close to Russia’s port of Tuapse, covering some 70,000 square meters, according to preliminary estimates. According to Rescue & Environmental Operations Centre OJSC (ECOSPAS), the photos show that the spill is quite large


Pollution, problem and prospects in the Med

Genoa - Nowadays the Mediterranean Sea represents an ecosystem deeply threatened by an increasing pollution. Up to 80% of such pollution is caused by land-based activities, with industrial activities from the chemical, petrochemical and metallurgy sectors


DNV GL preparing for low sulphur operation

Hamburg - Stricter limitations on sulphur emissions (SOx) will pose many challenges to ships operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs). If not handled with care, switching from Heavy Fuel Oil to Marine Gas Oil can put equipment at risk and increase operational costs


EU owners launch low sulphur impact survey

Bruxelles - European shipowners have launched a survey to monitorthe economic impact of the 0.1 percent sulfur requirements for shipping in the European Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs), which are due to enter into force on 1 January 2015


Shipping emissions could grow 250 per cent by 2050

London - Shipping emissions made up 2.2 per cent of global CO2 emissions in 2012 down from 2.8 per cent in 2007, but the sector’s carbon impact is likely to grow significantly in the coming year.


Waste in the Bettolo fillings, 9 accused

Genoa - The investigative unit of the provincial command of the Forestry service at Genoa has seized a mound of earth and rocks of unknown origin that was considered waste, found at the construction site for the filling-in of the Bettolo Quay.