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“This is how the Silk Road has helped usto innovate”

Bruna Ferretti, the Sales Manager at RFID Seals Labels by Etti Sicurezza.

WHAT DO you think of China’s New Silk Road Project? The latest signals from industry speak of a growing Asian demand for goods produced in Europe. What is your point of view on this? “Indeed, we have been involved for some months in the Silk Road project working in the opposite direction,” Bruna Ferretti, the Sales Manager at RFID Seals Labels by Etti Sicurezza, replied, “which is to say bringing knowledge and technology from Europe to the Far East, and we are proud to present our ideas for satellite tracking and innovative sealing for this purpose. We consider this counter-trend important: the historical cycles described by the thinker Giambattista Vico in the 17th century have always shown that when one chapter is closed, a new one begins. In the same way, a country like China, which in recent years has dominated in exports, it is right that in the end it should return to importing the excellent products made in the countries that have made it possible for China to become a world economic power.”

It was exciting to think about creating something for such an innovative destination: the overland route, or rather, the rolling highway.”

What are the distinctive characteristics of your company/business?

“The Etti Sicurezza staff, and I in particular, have always had a very friendly approach to the technology that is applied to container sealing, there is no product that suits every application, there is no standard, you must first listen to the customer to try to understand what he expects from the technology, and then explain in simple words and show him what might be perfect for his requests, satisfactory for his needs, necessary to improve his business. I would like to give you an example: a well-known national transport company that asked us for a “disposable” traceability system: the request at first surprised us because this traceability technology... is expensive and it would therefore be appropriate to consider a product that is reusable. But then as we studied the problem and came up with our solution, we were able to propose a GPS/GPRS system to be used only once, and its application will in fact be on the Silk Road.”