Maersk Stepnica lost 33 containers in storm in Bay of Biscay

London - The ship did not report any further damage and continued to Felixstowe

London - Early on Jan 10 the “Maersk Stepnica” left the Trinity Terminal in Felixstowe again bound for Zeebrugge. The ship with a crew of 22 on board had reported the loss of 33 containers loaded with non hazardous goods 120 miles off Penmarc’h in the Bay of Biscay on Jan 6 enroute from Port Said to Felixstowe in stormy weather. The ship did not report any further damage and continued to Felixstowe. An urgent notice to mariners was issued by the maritime prefecture of the Atlantic. Two surveillance flights to relocate the containers were made on Jan 7 by a Falcon 50 of the French Navy and a customs aircraft from Lann Bihoué during which a container still adrift which could pose a hazard to navigation was seen. On Jan 8 ,the container could be relocated and marked with a tag by a team of Navy embarked on a Cayman NH90 based in Lanvéoc Poulmic. The same evening the “Argonaute” sailed from Brest with a team of divers of the French Navy and reached the area on Jan 9 at 9:45 a.m. One hour later the container was hauled aboard and the tag marking recovered. The “Argonaut” returned to Brest around midnight.