Italian Sea Group gets Russian ship owners

Carrara - Building of two super-yachts started at Marina di Carrara. WATCH THE GALLERY.

di Angelo Marletta


Carrara - First in a long series of events, the keel-laying of the yachts Admiral E Motion 55 and Admiral E Motion 52 was celebrated last Monday in the renovated NCA shipyard at Marina di Carrara. The yachts will be delivered to two Russian ship-owners by mid 2016. This contract with the Tuscan shipyard (one of the companies owned by the Italian Sea Group led by the entrepreneur Giovanni Costantino) was managed by the Monaco-based company Nakhimov of designer Sergei Dobroserdov. The two aluminum hull superyachts will be 55 and 52 meters long respectively and will feature hybrid engines as well as several innovative solutions for Italian shipbuilding, such as the electronic control of the propellers powered by the four German made MAN main engines, already present in the version Admiral 52.

Other innovations in this project have been developed to guarantee the best performance of the vessels. The technical department of the shipyard has worked with a broad spectrum of European technology markets, combining the propulsion equipment from Germany with marine engineering from the Netherlands, the transmission equipment from Norway, optimization of the hull from Austria, the electronic control system from France and the external design from Russia. In addition, the two Admiral projects are characterized by their low environmental impact, as explained by Costantino himself with a few comparisons. “The new Custom 55,” explained the president of the Italian Sea Group, “has a displacement capacity of 850 tons gross tonnage, it can run at 12 knots powered by an electric propulsion motor and consumes 70 litres of fuel, while a 17 meter boat with a regular propulsion at normal speeds, averages a consumption of 300 litres.”

NCA employs 200 people. According to the management of the new company that took over in January 2013, despite what has been published by some media outlets recently, the timing related to the rehiring of workers from the previous administration is aligned with the agreements signed upon the acquisition of the shipyards. Currently, the shipyard has four Nakhimov contracts already in place, while a fifth contract to build a 37 meter yacht for a Kazakh client was confirmed during the ceremony for the British designer Bannenberg. On the sidelines of the event, the completion of the Xforce 145 Project [ed. a hull developed along the lines of the Messina rail ferry delivered to RFI by the Tuscan shipyard last year] was finally confirmed. The Italian Sea Group will present it at the next Monaco Yacht Show that will be held at Monte Carlo in September.