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Matacena: “In Italy it is difficult to use LNG propulsion”

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Lorenzo Matacena


«Any green solution for a shipowning fleet must be achievable and affordable as our company did at the time when it chose to build its flagship on the Strait of Messina; the m/s Elio, came into service in 2018 with dual fuel propulsion and is currently in regular service in the Strait of Messina».

With these words, the owner Lorenzo Matacena of Caronte Tourist opens the interview with TTM that we are publishing in this issue. Mr Matacena also denounces that in Italy - and in particular in the south - LNG fuel is unfortunately impracticable due to the absence of production, storage and distribution. Although the budget cannot be in surplus, and not due to the responsibility of the shipping company. The company would make the same choice again. “Indeed” - explains Mr Matacena – “we have rebuilt it because the next ships for the strait and the minor Islands will also be dual fuel because the green change is unavoidable”. The Caronte Tourist group has in fact already ordered a dual fuel and hybrid class B ship from the Turkish shipyard Sefine for connections with the smaller islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria. In addition, a sister ship of the Elio will be ordered in the short term, also dual fuel and hybrid. As for the construction of the “famous” bridge over the Strait of Messina, Mr Matacena limits himself to saying “those who live will see”, remembering that the building has a predominantly railway value and, in any case, to build a bridge a construction site is needed at sea. So, what better solution than our ships that would serve as a logistic support platform?

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