Nordana, Mediterranean Hub at Genoa

Genoa - New connections to Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and the Black Sea.

di Alberto Ghiara

Genova - Nordana will rationalize its services in the Mediterranean, to reinforce the position of Genoa and Tarragona as hubs connecting them with Latin America and the United States but also with the Mediterranean countries. Key to the renovation is the new multipurpose Ro-Ro ship Wedellsborg that was recently launched by the Visentini shipyards at Porto Viro in Veneto. This ship will fly under the Italian flag and will increase capacity on the Transatlantic routes. Two additional vessels will be added in the upcoming months. Furthermore, a new internal service will be launched in the Mediterranean that will add regular routes from Genoa to Tunisia, Turkey, Libya and Romania. The Danish company recently announced the renovation for its fleet; it is imagined that three Ro-Ro ships will replace the current units servicing the United States – Mediterranean route. The older vessels Skodsborg, Skanderborg and Schackenborg will be replaced. In June, the Wedellsborg will begin service, right after being delivered by the Visentini shipyard.

The two other ships will be leased by Cobelfret; the Williamsborg (formerly Beachy Head), will start service in July from Italy, and the Wilhelmsborg in the first quarter of 2015. This will complete the renovation of the fleet. Thanks to this expansion, the service between the Mediterranean, Latin America and the United States will have a 30% increase in capacity, while maintaining the rate of one trip every three weeks. As a temporary measure from July 2014 until the delivery of the Wilhelmsborg in 2015, the service will be carried out by two ships every 30 days. The route will be: Livorno, Genoa, Tarragona, Saguntao and then it will turn westbound towards Rio Haina (Dominican Republic) Cartagena (Colombia), Manzanillo (Panama, with delivery through Ro-Ro feeder to La Guaira and Puerto Cabello in Venezuela), Santo Tomas de Castilla (Guatemala), Veracruz (Mexico), Houston, Savannah and Baltimore (United States), then turning “eastbound” Mostaganem (Algeria) Sagunto (Spain), Genoa, Alexandria (Egypt), Beirut, Mersin and Izmir. In the meantime, a new additional intra-mediterrranean service will be launched in June, named Nordana Med Service or “M” which according to the company’s plans will reinforce the already operational network.

This service will provide connections to Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and ports of the Black Sea, while increasing the frequency of stops at other ports serviced by the company in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. At the beginning, the line will have a monthly frequency in sync with the stops between the Mediterranean and the Americas, so that the main ports like Genoa or Tarragona will be serviced by one or other of the two Nordana services every fortnight. The new Mediterranean line will be serviced by the Stjerneborg, one of the units that was being used on the service towards the Americas. The Stjerneborg will also be used to support the “W” service, providing customers with the option to travel from any Italian port, like the ports on the Adriatic Sea or southern Italy, for instance Marghera, Taranto, Bari or Civitavecchia. The combination of these two upgrades, that is the renovation of the fleet between the Mediterranean and Americas (the number will go down from 4 to 3 ships, but the vessels will have a greater capacity and more regular port calls) and the launch of the Med Service will reinforce the role of Genoa and other ports as a hub inserted on both rotations.