UCINA will have a President in one month

Genoa - Today in Rome, the association presented its project for the Genoa International Boat Show.

di Matteo Dell’Antico

Genoa - A little more than 30 days. That is the deadline by which the new president of UCINA must be elected after the resignation of Massimo Perotti (Sanlorenzo). For the moment the first news item has emerged from the governing council of UCINA, held yesterday in Genoa. It was a rather quick meeting compared to recent ones, beginning at around lunchtime and ending in the early afternoon. Some expected a name to be put forward by the big companies at the meeting, but that did not occur. This is a sign that the three major brands in the sector (Azimut/Benetti, Ferretti and Baglieto) are still weighing their options about who to put forward as their candidate after the joint press release in which they announced their intention to revive the association. Among the favourites there is of course Lamberto Tacoli, who is UCINA’s interim leader, but discussions are still ongoing. The second news item is that none of the four candidates already announced have withdrawn their name. So the candidates remain those reported by the MediTelegraph before the official press release: Andrea Razeto, Fabio Planamente, Pietro Vassena and Corrado Salvemini. But in all of the association’s history, there has never been more than one candidate still in the running for the presidency by the time election day comes around. It is a sign that as happened in the past, the four may be waiting to withdraw when a stronger name is put forward.

In any case, the deadline date is set for 15th April. UCINA’s statutes state that “should the president resign, the assembly for the new election should be held within 90 days.” And that’s not all: notification of the date of the meeting at which the new president of the association will be elected, must be made by 5th April at the latest, as “the election should be scheduled by the president, at least 15 days beforehand.” And only, “in case of emergency, the time limit for notification can be reduced to 10 days.” But there is more. A meeting between the interim president of UCINA, Lamberto Tacoli, and Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda was confirmed today. Yesterday afternoon, immediately after the governing council met, the CRN shipyard chief (CRN is a Ferretti Group brand), flew directly from Genoa to Rome. The main focus of the meeting this afternoon will be the Genoa Boat Show, which was organised last year entirely by a company formed by UCINA. Just over a million euros are at stake, a figure the government may make available to the biggest Italian event in the yachting sector.

For the moment, however, the funds remain blocked. UCINA has to take the blame for this: It is an association that has experienced profound infighting in recent months, and most importantly, has, until now, prepared no plan for the next edition of the Genoese fair. In the previous weeks, the deputy minister was quite clear: “No plan, no money.” Calenda also reprimanded the local governmental organisations, adding that “UCINA had problems, but the institutions haven’t done anything.” The meeting being held today is probably the decisive one where Lamberto Tacoli will be in the company of Paolo Vitelli. Most importantly, he will go to the meeting with a plan for the 2015 edition of the Salone Nautico di Genova in his hands.