The Boat Show is promoted by the government

Rome - After months of failures the Genoa Boat Show gets the go ahead from the government.


di Matteo Dell’Antico

Rome - After months of failures the Genoa Boat Show gets the go ahead from the government. Now it seems certain that the Ministry of Economic Development will provide about one million and 100 thousand Euros of funding for the 2015 edition of the Ligurian event. The official confirmation is expected to arrive in the coming days, perhaps it is already out. Yesterday’s meeting was decisive: the interim president of Ucina, Lamberto Tacoli, met in Rome with Vice Minister Carlo Calenda. The leader of CRN, a Ferretti Group brand, spoke for a couple of hours and at the end, left the meeting with the approval of the deputy minister. The key to convincing Calenda was not only the submission of the plan for the next Genoa Boat Show, but also the reassurance that Ucina, organizer of the event, is slowly regaining a lost unity after months of infighting which culminated in the resignation of Massimo Perotti (Sanlorenzo). By 15th April, the new leader of the boating Confindustria will be elected and it is clear that the intentions of the three “big” firms Azimut / Benetti, Ferretti and Baglietto of reviving the association, has provided considerable reassurance to government circles.

In addition to this, Tacoli may soon join the list of official candidates to guide the future of Ucina. He is part of the Ferretti Group and a representative of the Italian boating giants. The position after yesterday’s meeting is very different from the one only a few weeks ago in Genoa, when Calenda himself had declared to the XIX Century / The MediTelegraph that for the Show “there is no credible international project. There is nothing.” He highlighted that he had asked for, “the project last October.” In the meantime, tomorrow, in Rome, the Deputy Minister for Economic Development is scheduled to meet with representatives of local Ligurian institutions and the Genoa Exhibition Hall. The meeting had been postponed till after the one with Lamberto Tacoli, a sign that the government first wanted to meet the current leader of Ucina to have a clear idea about the future of the association.

The turnover of the 2014 edition of the Genoa Boat Show, was just over €4.8 million: about one million less than the previous year. The profits amounted to 32 thousand Euros compared with a loss of about 445 thousand Euros in 2013, but less than the 105 000 Euros forecast in the business plan of the organizers. The estimates for 2015 are roughly on the same wavelength. Next year’s “Boat Show” should generate an active growth of 153 thousand Euros, compared to the substantially unchanged forecast of revenues adopted in 2014, so around 4.1 million Euros. Now pending is the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development to support the event. It might be a show without fireworks. But at least there will be something.