Ferretti: the professional training for the group’s motoryacht captains

Forlì - The new edition will be held in Salzburg, from 15-18 March. The topics covered in the sessions and seminars will include functions and optimum use analysis of the latest technological innovations fitted on board the group’s motoryachts.

Forlì - “Convergence” is coming: the new edition of the professional training and refresher courses, organised by Ferretti Group for the captains of the motoryachts and vessels in its fleet, will be held from 15-18 March, 2016. The sessions will be held in Salzburg, Austria, and will include formal training as well as outdoor activities, bringing together around 100 captains and chief engineers from all around the world. During the four days of “Convergence” 2016, the main objective will be to analyse the most important recent technological innovations added to the Group’s yachts by exploring their functions, how they work and the maintenance needs. Some of Ferretti Group’s leading technology partners will host many of the technical seminars, including MAN, RANIERI TONISSI, RINA and SIDE POWER. Captains and chief engineers will also take part in refresher courses and team-building activities, such as city tours, sports and leisure pursuits. All this will consolidate the feeling of being part of the Group and, once again, reiterate its commitment to supporting seagoing professionals.