More than four-hundred attendees at the MediTelegraph Forum / GALLERY

Genoa - Record attendance for the third Shipping & Intermodal Transport Event - Rethinking the future of ports, organized by our magazine.

Genoa - Over 400 were in attendance at the third Forum on Shipping & Intermodal Transport, held on 21 November, organized by Il Secolo XIX/The MediTelegraph at Palazzo San Giorgio, home of the Port Authority of Genoa, which in just a few days time will be transformed into the port system Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea, as directed in the reform of the governance of Italian ports, which came into force in mid-September. With participants from all over Italy, the forum was divided into five sessions. Following the event’s opening remarks by Massimo Righi, director of Il Secolo XIX, a presentation entitled “Porto Italy” took place, setting the course of what strategies Italy’s docks should adopt as a result of the reforms, with findings provided by Gian Enzo Duci, president of Federagenti, the federation of associations that represent shipping agents and ship brokers in Italy.

This was followed by a first round table talk, also featuring Duci as moderator, entitled “The new Italian port”, which centred on the reform law approved by Italy’s cabinet and the changes it introduces in terms of operational, legislative and financial matters; the discussion was attended by Giovanni Toti, president of the Liguria Region, Francesco Mariani, vice-president of Assoporti, Zeno D’Agostino, president of Trieste’s Port Authority System (ADSP), Rodolfo Giampieri, president of the Ancona ADSP, and Paolo Emilio Signorini, president designate of the Genoa ADSP. The concluding remarks were entrusted to Luigi Merlo, former president of Genoa Port Authority and current advisor on ports and logistics at the Ministry of Transport. It was, then, the turn of Paolo Guglielminetti, associate partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to provide an analysis of the expectations and the role of operators in the wake of the port reform, followed by a second roundtable, moderated by Fabrizio Vettosi (president of the Venice Shipping & Logistics Fund) in which governance, investments, strategies and effects of the reforms were discussed.

He was joined by Admiral Giovanni Pettorino, commander of the port of Genoa, Filippo delle Piane, vice president of ANCE, the Italian association of private construction contractors, Mino Giachino, president of the Saimare shipping company (Spinelli Group), Marco Mutti, head of public and social infrastructure at Banca IMI (Intesa Sanpaolo group), Alessandro Pitto, president of Spediporto, Genoa-based association of shippers, and Alberto Torrazza, lawyer for the NTCM law firm. The gold sponsors of the event were the Genoa-based Spinelli logistics group, as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers; other sponsors were Spediporto; Genoa’s dry bulk service company Pietro Chiesa; Naples-based MARTE, a consortium operating in logistics security; the terminal operator Lorenzini of Livorno; the port of Genoa’s pilots and mooring groups. Partner supporters were LPA, the Ligurian Ports Alliance, and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa. Catering was provided by the Genoa-Liguria gourmet consortium.