Circle among the main companies of 4th Shipping & Intermodal Transport Forum

Genoa - The Italian firm will share its concrete experiences on Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 for the optimization of intermodal Supply Chain.

Genoa - Circle - consulting firm for ports and logistics sector specialized in the analysis of processes and in the development of innovative automation solutions for the digitalization of the Supply Chain - is one of the main companies of 4th Shipping & Intermodal Transport Forum, taking place in Genoa (Italy) on 20 November. Conceived as an important day to compare ideas and experiences of most eminent and accomplished figures of the sector on the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the management of ports and logistics, Corridors digitalization to connect Europe, emerging technologies reshaping the shipping industry, the prospects for the Italian National Logistical Platform and the role of cyber security, the Forum will be attended by Circle’s CEO, Mr. Luca Abatello. More specifically, Mr. Abatello will speak about “IoT solutions and opportunities linked to Industry 4.0 for the optimization of intermodal Supply Chain: Circle’s concrete experiences”. in the framework of “Digital Transformation: emerging tech reshaping the shipping industry” session. Established in 2012, Circle was able in little more than five years to outline its distinctive positioning in ports and intermodal logistics fields, specifically on themes related to innovation such as Supply Chain 4.0, optimized management of operational and customs components, as well as IoT applied to logistics.

Furthermore, its flagship software MILOS® - which has been conceived for terminal operators, ports, logistic operators and shippers and is capable of putting together the different stakeholders of intermodal Supply Chain in order to simplify in a significant manner the transport management, reduce transit times and related costs - is used today by major production companies like Ikea and Noberasco, various Italian ports, inland terminals (like Lugo Terminal, which is experiencing all advantages connected to the full integration of MILOS® with SoftRail® suite thanks to the partnership between Circle and Binary System) and port terminals like Compagnia Impresa Lavoratori Portuali (CILP), the biggest terminal operator in the Port of Livorno. In the case of CILP, MILOS® has been chosen due to the need of a technological solution able to increase the efficiency of industrial, logistic and terminal processes, and to exchange digital information with other software used by multiple external actors the terminal interacts with, from the Port Authority and other players of the Port Community, to the Customs Agency, the shipping companies, MTOs and railway undertakings offering transport services linked to the Port of Livorno. In addition, Circle’s project for CILP is completed by an Industry 4.0 feature which provides for the use of RFID tags in order to optimize the operating flows of vehicles, with consequent operational, maritime and customs simplifications. Led by Mr. Luca Abatello and Mr. Alexio Picco, Circle is further enhancing this distinctive know-how with other important experiences which are going to be presented and shared with participants in the Forum on 20 November in Genoa.