Black Sea container traffic drops 12,1% in 2015

Istanbul - The Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria handled 2,294,848 TEU in 2015. In terms of full containers, 1,628,797 TEU, the five countries suffered a total drop of 12.18% compared to the same period last year.

Although there was a slight increase of turnover in Bulgaria and Romania, Ukraine suffered a 26% decrease, while Russia and Georgia’s turnover both decreased by 13%. Export volumes in the area increased by 22% compared to 2014 with Georgia increasing its volume by 18.99%. Although Ukraine’s export volume did drop by a substantial 14%. Despite this, imports to the region decreased by 20%, this was largely effected by the import volume drop of 36% in Ukraine. All countries saw a decrease in import volumes for the period of time, apart from Romania which increased its import volumes by 2%. The top-five container terminals of the region in 2015 changed their positions in total volume handled.

DPW in Constanta, Romania and APMT Poti, Georgia, remained in first and second place respectively.While NLE, Novorossyisk, Russia moved from the third to the fourth place and HPC Ukraine in Odessa, Ukraine moved up to third. NUTEP, also in Novorossiysk fell to fifth, all of these terminals except DPW suffered volume drop in 2015 compared to 2014.

(Source: PortStrategy)