Telemar, Italian technology for chat without 3G

Hamburg - If the project wins the confidence of the shipowners, it will revolutionize the world of maritime communications.

di Alberto Quarati

Hamburg - The Compagnia Generale Telemar has presented at SMM in Hamburg, the largest world trade fair for the shipbuilding industry, the first app for chat and VOIP services that will allow smartphones to grapple on the satellite network. If the project wins the confidence of the ship-owners, as the first market indicators show, it will revolutionize the world of maritime communications. It will allow for the first time anyone at sea to send messages, make phone calls and use the services of the most popular apps, such as Whatsapp, Viber, etc., with a significant cost reduction for the user. This is a quantum leap in terms of quality, since currently those travelling in the open sea have to use the VHF or the satellite phone to get in touch with land.

The name of the app is “toctoc” and was developed by Buniq s.r.l., an innovative technology start-up owned by Telemar. It shows additional new elements in comparison to the VOIP and chat services currently in the market. “First of all, it will synchronize all signatures, email, social profiles, for example it can exchange data with the main social networks (like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Flirk, Google Plus). In addition, it will allow users to easily and directly view and share documents, photos, audio and video, by connecting to the clouds of the various providers. As for the aforementioned social hub, toctoc features a proprietary technology, with elements that have been patented. It is the first social messaging and VOIP app optimized for the maritime world” explains Daniele Nobile, CEO and founder of Buniq.

Telemar has the ambition to extend the service beyond the maritime sector, by taking advantage of a VOIP service that remains connected even when the 3G network is not available. In practice, this app will include all the others. “The most international community on earth is the shipping community,” explains Gennaro Faella, director of Corporate Business Development and Operative Coordination at Telemar. “For sure we expect that more people in different latitudes will start using the app and also on land, triggering a global viral phenomenon”. It would be the first app with 100% Italian technology to break into this market. The premises are positive. During the first day’s presentation at SMM Hamburg, Telemar has agreed on pilot programs, both on board and on land, with two of the five largest German shipping companies.

The company has also signed a few other preliminary agreements; one of them stands out and it was signed with one of the three top ship management companies worldwide. The app is being implemented by the D’Amico group, main stockholder of Telemar and one of the largest Italian ship-owners, and it is already available at the App Store and Google Store. Toctoc has been awarded by the ICE as one of the most promising apps in the world of mobile telephony at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is one of the top 1,000 European start-ups that, according to Startup Europe Partnership, have gotten over a million dollars in financing in the last three years.