“Ports digitalization is freeing up resources”

Salerno - A case study of the partnership between Nova Systems and the Gallozzi group. Software specially designed for the shipping business paves the way for sector enhancement.

Salerno - How does digitalization work on the dockside? An interesting case is provided by the Gallozzi group, which for its subsidiary Salerno Container Terminal has implemented the new “Shipping agency” module from Nova Systems’ cloud-based BeOne software solution. As Riccardo Tarocco, chief software designer at Nova Systems, explains, the module handles “the issuance of policies, taxes, freight accounts and all the necessary shipping manifests, according to the individual agency’s operative requirements. BeOne also performs analysis of revenues and costs for every shipping line down to single ship’s voyage; it also handles documents, insurance policies, and details the accounts payable and receivable according to the firm’s outlay policy.”

Prior to choosing the Nova Systems module, the Gallozzi group managed all its activities using in-house software. The firm’s decision to switch to the Nova Systems cloud solution was prompted by their promise of data reliability, increased management control, plus the reassurance of Nova being the leading software house for the sector.

A partnership contract was signed in July 2017. The initial usage of the BeOne solution was marked by customer-specific implementations and an analysis of the company’s needs carried out by Nova Systems. The analysis on the workflow of the Gallozzi group took place in Salerno. Finally, the beginning of 2019 marked the actual live start date. The terminal operator’s choice of BeOne was also determined by the planned implementation of the “Shipping agency” module for sea operations. The initial software development phase saw a period of tests by Nova Systems. Subsequently the software was released in steps to the customer, so that the Gallozzi Group could examine each individual feature as it was released. Once the development of the “Shipping agency” module was completed, the focus shifted to creating printed materials, together with feedback from a shipping company which works with the Gallozzi group. At the same time the development of the EDI shipping interface between the Salerno-based container terminal and the shipping company began.

After going live, Nova Systems has been assisting the customer across all operational phases, with the ability to implement any new features as the need arises. Currently it’d be true to say that BeOne covers the many needs of the Gallozzi group: TMS sea import/export module, shipping agency, accounting, customs, business intelligence, Nova exchanges, document archiving and BeOne e-Invoice for electronic invoicing and CRM.

Furthermore, the cloud solution protects data and networks through its business continuity and disaster recovery systems. Nova Systems has concluded an agreement with specialized organizations aimed at further refining its data security systems. Thus, high security technologies and processes are being adopted, guaranteeing business continuity even in the event of catastrophic events. The process is an example of strategic development, which establishes a protocol of procedures aimed at ensuring the operation of software functionality during and following a disaster.

Human resources that were previously completely dedicated to infrastructure management have also been freed up. The management of all IT architecture is now, in fact, entrusted to the provider. Thanks to this, the IT sector of the company can ultimately concentrate on value-added projects that help the company’s core business, instead of having to solve everyday problems.

The “Shipping agency” module is designed for shipping agents, who work in the name and on behalf of shipping companies; for port operators who manage a ship’s docking and its unloading; also for forwarding agents. It allows the possibility of operating on the one ship with companies with which no maritime agency contracts exist. Finally, the software allows the agent to represent multiple companies across the one port.