SGM celebrates 10 years of change

Genoa - From wholesale food market to a centre for advanced logistics services: 10 years after its move from the city centre to the area of Bolzaneto, the fruit and vegetable market of Genoa, managed by SGM (Società Gestione Mercato), opens its doors to the public. The opening will be on Saturday, 14 September Genoa

Genoa - From wholesale food market to a centre for advanced logistics services: 10 years after its move from the city centre to the area of Bolzaneto, the Genoa fruit and vegetable market, managed by SGM (Società Gestione Mercato), will throw open its doors and explain both how the transformation took shape and the prospects for the future. The open-house event, entitled “Ianuensis ergo mercator (literally, ‘a Genoan, therefore a merchant’) – The City Meets the Market”, will take place on 14 September, from 11:00 a.m. until evening, during which the public will be able to enter the market spaces to meet operators and institutions and view the exhibition of typical local food products. Activities for children are also planned: “After ten years,” said Gianbattista Ratto, CEO of SGM, “it is a win-win for the city. The market was moved from the city centre to a facility in Bolzaneto, which allowed for development in other sectors. In addition to the wholesale business, the market now has a centre for transport and logistics, and now has a mandatory weighing service for containers destined for embarkation at port, and carries out the consolidation of goods into containers, as well as the loading, unloading and sorting of perishable products. These are activities that have slowed down with the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge, but which are “withstanding the difficulties,” Ratto said, “thanks to the work done by the public administration to improve the road system. Bolzaneto is proving to be an appealing node for operators”. In Genoa, the problem remains the limited space available. All the warehouse areas have already been occupied by logistics operators and it seems that negotiations are under way for an extension. Meanwhile, a project for a simplified logistics area in Valpolcevera is being watched with interest: SGM could use it “to great advantage”, Ratto explained. All these initiatives could lead to further transformation of the Genoa market. Ratto concluded, “Today we are no longer what we were ten years ago, and in ten years we may not even be what we are now, but something completely different”. The 14th of September will be an opportunity to take stock of the route travelled thus far. After the event’s opening at 11am, the programme includes a practical demonstration from the Basil Consortium at 4pm; greetings from institutional bodies at 5.30pm, including the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci; the delivery of awards to operators and administrators at 6pm; and the awards for the “most beautiful display” photo contest. It ends on a sweet note at 7pm with the cutting of the 10th anniversary cake, and this is followed by a musical DJ set into the evening.

In the market gallery, a 23,000m2 space, there will be: eight giant inflatables free for children from three to 12 years old; four educational corners operated by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Irena, Amiu and Sata, each illustrating their presence within the market and activities for sustainable development.

There will also be about thirty exhibitors of local products, about 15 food trucks, all with local products, a huge table football table with seven players per side, and a concert area where the DJ set will take place starting from 8pm.