At the EuroScience Open Forum in Trieste, scientists and experts discuss autonomous ships

Trieste - On 1 September 2020, the EuroScience Open Forum - Esof, the largest interdisciplinary scientific meeting in Europe, will begin in Trieste. An extraordinary event dedicated to scientific research and innovation

di Alberto Pasino*

Trieste - On 1 September 2020, the EuroScience Open Forum - Esof, the largest interdisciplinary scientific meeting in Europe, will begin in Trieste, an extraordinary event dedicated to scientific research and innovation, which offers a unique framework of interaction and debate for scientists, innovators, politicians, entrepreneurs and the general public.

The Union Internationale des Avocats has decided to seize this opportunity and bring together scientists and legal experts to discuss key areas of common interest.

In fact, scientific progress risks being hindered by regulations conceived in less scientifically advanced times. The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace and the legal community is struggling to evolve at the same rate. Emerging technologies and scientific breakthroughs are raising new legal issues and rapidly transforming both the substance and the practice of law in nearly every industry.

From artificial intelligence to gene editing, from autonomous systems to telemedicine, this virtual seminar made up of four panels, included by ESOF among its official satellite events, will address the ethical, legal, regulatory and political issues surrounding the emergence of new technologies and scientific advances.

The original approach chosen is to give centrality to scientists, asking them to identify the issues in their field of research that are most in need of solutions offered by law. After the intervention of one or more scientists, there will be one or two of jurists specialized in the same subject and from all over the world who will try to provide answers to the problems raised by the scientist.

To open the works, on September 1st at 4.00 pm, a webinar on autonomous ships and artificial intelligence entitled "Unmanned Vessels: from Automation to Autonomy - Legal & Ethical Implications", chaired by Eng. Paolo Scialla (Lloyd's Register EMEA), who will moderate the speeches by Eng. Claudio Longo Bifano (SEASTEMA S.p.A.) of. Prof. Massimiliano Musi (University of Teramo), John Murray (Calidris Partners, Silicon Valley) and Marco Imperiale (Studio LCA).

This will be followed by three other webinars dedicated respectively to genetics ("Liberty, Identity, Laws in a World of Genes and Genomes", 2 September starting at 1.30pm), to telemedicine ("Telemedicine at a Tipping Point: The pandemic accelerated its spread, but what legal changes are needed to secure its successful future?", 2 September starting at 16.00) and environment and climate ("Environmental Protection and Climate Change - (How) can law respond to scientific challenges?", 4 September starting at 16.00). Participation in webinars is free, upon registration to be made by at THIS LINK

Afterwards, on Saturday 5 September at 4.00 pm at the Revoltella Museum in Trieste, the final event entitled "Lawyers and scientists: what can they teach each other?", Organized by ESOF with the support of Studio Zunarelli, in which some speakers of the four webinars, moderated by Marco Cattaneo (Le Scienze), will report the results of the four previous seminars to the public and specialized press. Access to the event is free, upon registration at THIS LINK

*Zunarelli e Associati