Zeamarine "is not in financial trouble"

Hamburg - The German carrier Zemarine answers to speculation regarding its financial situation

A Zeamarine carrier

Hamburg - The German carrier Zemarine answers to speculation regarding its financial situation. "Contrary to the sentiment of the articles written, we can provide assurance that our company is performing and our shareholders are committed to their support for the continuation of our business," says the company in a statement.

Some news have suggested that Zeamarine's rates are failing to keep up with chartering and leasing costs. Some other have underlined that the sudden departure at the beginning of the month of CCO Dominik Stehle is a sign of nervousness. "Zeamarine remains an active organization performing all of its contractual commitments with our usual market-leading customer service," writes the company.

Moreover, "there will be a continued period of re-establishment and strategic alignment within the senior management team, to which we have already welcomed Mr. Sven Lundehn as our Managing Director. The great experience of Mr. Lundehn along with the support of our shareholders will solidify our establishment for future development."