Brexit prevents DFDS from growing

The Brexit uncertainties have caused Danish shipping company DFDS a weak development of trade volumes in 2019

A DFDS vessel

Copenhagen - The Brexit uncertainties have caused Danish shipping company DFDS a weak development of trade volumes in 2019, and those uncertainties will most likely continue until the negotiations have been completed, writes the company in a note. DFDS is "well prepared to handle the situation if there is no agreement and the current free flow of goods is replaced by customs control at the end of 2020."
At the end of January, the UK left the EU, and the transition period in which the UK will follow EU regulations and negotiate with the EU about a trade agreement has commenced.
We will continue to improve our preparations so we can support our customers and offer stock services, customs services and new online services that can mitigate some of the challenges for our customers.
Despite the Brexit uncertainty, DFDS has set the course towards a 4 % growth in revenue for 2020 driven by the initiatives introduced as part of the company’s Win23 strategy. Win23 will drive growth by focusing on initiatives in four strategic pillars.
The first pillar is to grow solutions for the automotive, forest & metal, and cold chain industries. The second pillar aims at makeing it easier and more cost-effective for customers to work with DFDS through a digitisation of the company. The third pillar consist of fulfilment of the business plan for the Mediterranean business, investment in new ferries, continuous improvement projects and expansion of our network through acquisitions The fourth pillar is focused on creating more value for our passengers and on developing the customer experience.
Among the strategic initiatives in 2019, DFDS has been setting up the structure, organisation and tools for specialising and growing our ferry and logistics services within the cold chain, automotive and forest & metal industries.
Digital developments include digitising DFDS’ core operations and on this basis launch new digital and online services such as the DFDS Spot app that allows online booking of ferry tickets withr Channel services, the MyLogistics customer service website and priority discharge for freight customers, instant quotes for logistics customers and other digital services.