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Bruna Ferretti (Rfid Seals Labels by Etti Sicurezza srl): “The most serious mistake is not investing in quality”.

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What are your company’s prospects? “Like all Made in Italy companies our dream is to be able to produce everything entirely in Italy, although so far we have been forced to import steel from the east because the steel that is produced in Europe doesn’t come at a competitive market price. However, for the setup of our foreign platform we insisted that almost everything we do is produced in Italy. In fact, in my opinion, our country’s overall policy should be focused almost exclusively on the protection of the Made in Italy brand as a testament of all that we are able to create in our country. I still remember a few years ago in New York, I had found three-color olives; they were green, black ... and red! Or when we were asked to deliver several barrel seals with the same number to the set where the series “Gomorra 2” was being shot, to be used as props, and we had to explain that there was no way we could accommodate them and that we had to find another solution! Our vision for the future focuses mainly on promoting the ways technology has become increasingly essential in the sealing and tagging sector, providing solutions for almost every product, but we are also happy to see that the requests that arrive include more and more RFID projects or satellite tracking; so it seems that the customers using the seals are beginning to realise that there are companies able to provide solutions that could never become readily available a few years ago.”

What sort of potential does the Adriatic basin have today?

“Again, based on our experience the Adriatic basin has regained a great deal of its potential in recent years, which we can see from the large quantities of seals used according to ISO 17712.”

How much do the international geopolitical tensions affect your business?

“There are risky countries, or countries on the Black List which, however, could be very interesting for the development of the security products’ market, take for example Libya, or Iran or Iraq; they are interesting countries but one has to be extremely careful when doing business there.”

What do you think of the Chinese New Silk Road project?

“If the costs are acceptable it would make a very useful alternative to the sea route which, to be honest, is becoming longer and longer, as timeframes are extending. Singapore and other ports are increasingly busy and transhipment could take 6 or even 7 days. Then there is another wait of 4-6 weeks or so until the goods are processed and delivered; so, sure there is a great interest in the Silk Road!

What can the protagonists of shipping in the Adriatic area do to consolidate the role of the Adriatic in global maritime traffic?

An interesting question; they must become attractive and competitive by making the most of the new technologies that are now available.”

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