Genoa: cruises to grow in 2018

Genoa - The port of Genoa closed December 2017 with a slight downward trend in cruise traffic and an essentially stable trend in ferry traffic.

Genoa - The port of Genoa closed December 2017 with a slight downward trend in cruise traffic and an essentially stable trend in ferry traffic. Looking at the total numbers of cruises and ferries, in 2017, 3,003,652 passengers were recorded versus 3,110,432 in 2016 (-106,780 passengers or -3.4%). Cruise passengers went from 1,017,368 in 2016 to 925,188 in 2017 (-92,180 passengers or -9%). The number of ferry passengers showed an interruption in the previous years’ (admittedly modest) growth trend, with essentially stable figures compared to 2016: passengers went from 2,093,064 in 2016 to 2,078,464 in 2017 (-14,600 units, or -0.7%). Cruise traffic: 2017 recorded 212 ship calls and 925,188 cruise passengers, of which 540,592 were home port and 384,596 in transit, a decrease compared to 2016 (-92,180 passengers). Home port passengers decreased by 15.75%, while transit passengers increased by 2.36%, confirming last year’s growth trend. It should be noted that in 2017, passengers in transit accounted for 41.6% of the total, while in 2016 the percentage was 37%, and in 2015, it was 33.3%. The majority presence of MSC Crociere is also important, as the company has confirmed its strong presence in Genoa. MSC brought 178 ship calls to the Genoese terminals in 2017, or more than 858,000 passengers.

Princess Cruises was the second largest company by number of ships and passengers, with 9 calls, or 31,273 passengers, all in transit. Ferry traffic: when it comes to ferry traffic, 2017 closed with a slight decrease compared to the previous year, slight enough though that it can be considered in line with 2016. Here are the detailed figures: Passengers 2,078,464 (-0.70%), Automobiles 723,884 (-3.89%), Motorcycles 51,921 (+4.98%), Linear metres 1,806,892 (+0.28%). This has halted the slight but steady growth in ferry passengers in recent years. Compared to 2016, 14,600 passengers passed through the port. Sardinia lost over 78,000 passengers, while Sicily lost more than 31,500; Corsica lost approximately 16,300 passengers, and North Africa, approximately 18,500 passengers. Commercial traffic ended the year with an increase of about 5,000 linear metres. Sardinia and Spain lost approximately 11,000 and 38,000 linear metres respectively, while Sicily, Malta and Corsica respectively achieved + 26,500, + 21,700 and + 5,200 linear metres. 2018 Traffic Forecast: A moderate increase in ferry traffic is expected in 2018, with growth rates of about 3%. Cruise traffic, on the other hand is expected to increase more significantly: there will be 220 ship calls in 2018 with about 1,000,000 cruise passengers, 580,000 of whom will be home port, and 420,000 in transit. MSC will maintain its role as the largest operator in Genoa, bringing about 950,000 passengers or 187 calls, followed by Princess Cruises, which will make 12 calls with more than 30,000 passengers.