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“We invest and employ in Italy” / INTERVIEW

Genoa - The boating industry is making a comeback. In conversation with Ferretti’ CEO. Orders are up 108%. Galassi: “From 2016 no more layoffs.”

di Matteo Dell’Antico

Genoa - The figures: in one year, from September 2014 to date, the Ferretti group has received €371 million in new orders, an increase of 108% compared to a year earlier. Lawyer Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Italian brand, world leader in leisure yachts, shares the news with the Secolo XIX / The MediTelegraph that “the market finally” has stopped “losing steam.”

Mr. Galassi, what are the group’s strategies?

“I’ll start with some news. 2016, given these excellent results, will mark the end of redundancies for all of the approximately 1,400 employees at Ferretti in Italy. Next, we will make new investments.”

How and where do you plan to invest?

“We’re going to upgrade the shipyard we have at La Spezia, the largest among our facilities, and then also in Sarnico and Ancona. In total we expect to spend about €10 million, in order to further improve our production sites.”

Given this growth, are there also plans for new hiring?

“Definitely yes, again, in 2016. We will expand our staff in the R&D division, information systems and marketing. The number of blue-collar workers at the yards however, will not change.”

Why this increase in orders? What was the crucial move?

“In the three-year period 2015-2017, we launched an investment plan for €50 million in the design of new units. Those efforts are paying off.”

In which markets have you achieved the best results?

“In the last year, orders in Europe, Middle East and Africa were up by 187%. Asia and North America, which grew by 96% and 22% respectively, also did well.”

How about Italy?

“It’s not too bad. But the domestic market is still far from where it was a few years ago.”

What is the outlook for 2016?

“We expect growth in new orders, especially in South America. Overall, we expect another good year.”

Can it be said that, for the major brands of leisure boats, the crisis is over?

“I’m talking about the Ferretti Group. We are satisfied. But we cannot make mistakes, we want to keep growing.”