Life is harsh for clean trucks

Genoa - Some regions, like Lombardy and Piedmont, promote the LNG trucks by removing the car tax. Some others, like Liguria, don’t.

di Francesco Margiocco

Genoa - Out of 100 particles of nitrogen oxides released by the exhaust pipes, more than 45% comes from heavy vehicles. The estimate is from the Regional Agency for the Environment or Arpal and concerns Genoa, a city where heavy vehicles to and from the port are 5,000 a day. Liguria would have many reasons to promote the so-called clean trucks, powered by liquefied natural gas, the LNG. He could follow the example of Piedmont and Lombardy and not let them pay the car tax.

“There is a stamp instead. They are 750 euros a year per vehicle. We have not yet paid it, because we hope that things will change.”. Massimiliano Ravera is the fleet manager of Paratori, a Genoese transport co-operative with 210 trucks, of which 45 LNG-Iveco just bought.

Gnl trucks cost more. “About 124 thousand euros, against the 86 thousand of a diesel. But every 10 thousand kilometers, the LNG saves you 1,000 euros. And then there would be the incentives.” The State makes a contribution of 20,000 euros for each truck to LNG. “On paper: in fact it will give us 17,600 euros per truck”.

The Regions, some, do not ask for the stamp. “We don’t understand why Liguria insists on asking. Is this how it promotes clean trucks?“. The hypothesis of cancelling the stamp “is under study,” say sources of the Liguria Region, Department of the Budget, but since “the demand by the hauliers is little” and “Liguria has no Gnl distributors”, the hypothesis “is not a priority “. Piedmont and Lombardy, on the contrary, eliminate the stamp to spread clean trucks and attract distributors.