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“The Laghezza Group is more efficient thanks to investments in sustainability”

“We are testing carbon neutral fuel. Staff training is our top priority”

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“Laghezza SpA is an independent Italian Company offering both customs and logistics services – Alessandro Laghezza said - Our distinctive feature is that we offer a wide range of solutions, from customs Consultancy to tax representation and customs operations, from Logistics to Transports. We work to integrate all our services in an efficient manner and address the Italian import/export market. Our company is innovative, digital-oriented and has been experiencing continuous growth”.

How would you rate the quality of logistics services in Italy?
“From an infrastructural point of view, Italy has issues that we are well aware of, that hopefully will be resolved in the near future. This will be achieved with the considerable investment plan now underway, which is part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and all the related measures, and with the completion of pre-existing projects, like the third Genoa railway Pass, for example. As far as logistics services are concerned, I believe that Italy, thanks to its geographical position and the professional expertise of its operators, can represent a logistics hub not only for its domestic market, but also for Central European countries. And therefore a catchment area for countries like Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as a privileged gateway to the Mediterranean and Turkey”.

What sustainability investments have you made or are being planned?
“We have sustainability at heart, and in a Company with such a complex nature as ours, solutions need to be tailored to the different company branches. The major investments we have made in the field of digital innovation, today enable us to move forward faster on the route to ecological transition. In terms of global environmental impact, namely in the transport sector, we are testing a carbon-neutral fuel on some of our fleet in partnership with a top company in the field. Parallel to this, we are installing photovoltaic systems at our logistics terminals to feed our electricity consumption, and we plan to further expand this source, shifting the consumption from fossil fuels to electricity”.

How crucial is professional training in your sector these days?
“Training is vital in our industry, as it is undergoing rapid change from both a regulation and IT perspective. From digital innovation to artificial intelligence, there is a massive transformation taking place and it is clear that the focus will have to shift more and more to consulting and added value and much less to physical operations. To achieve this, it is necessary on the one hand to train the people who are already working for the Company, and on the other to bring in new resources who have the required professional skills”.

Which countries do you think will increase their trade exchanges with our country in the foreseeable future?
“The continent to watch out for is Africa. The growth in trade will come from intra-Mediterranean maritime traffic with Africa and Turkey, which is experiencing a significant expansion. The near-shoring of Italian companies will result in a realignment of trade patterns and bring the Mediterranean back to its historical prominence. I expect a big boost in this respect”.

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